Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fish Tacos with Slaw

Fish tacos are an occasional favorite. They are easy and festive to make. Remember the easy way to do fish or chicken — pan roasting (in a few weeks you can see a video about this method filmed in my kitchen, one of a series of six). Make sure the cast iron skillet is hot enough so droplets of water evaporate in a second or less, coat with a little safflower oil, sprinkle with a little salt, sear on first side for 4 minutes, the second side for 2 minutes and whatever remaining time is needed to equal 10 minutes per inch thickness of fish in a 400 degree oven. The outsides are perfectly done and the center is still tender and moist. When I cook fish all the way through on top of the stove, the outside gets tough before the inside is done. 
Add a couple teaspoons of dried oregano to the ancho chili powder.
Add a 1/4 teaspoon crushed red chilies to the slaw dressing. Use 3 Tablespoons lime juice, 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil, and 1.2 teaspoon kosher salt. The original recipe used orange juice which added a little sweetness. Without the orange juice you may want a few sprinkles of sugar.
Make some tasty but healthy tartar sauce — 8 ounces low fat Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup sweet pickles chopped or sweet pickle relish, 1/4 cup finely diced onion, and two chipotle chilies in adobo sauce, minced (has anyone ever seen chipotle chilies NOT in adobo sauce?)
Adding the crushed chilies to the dressing and chipotles in the tartar sauce adds a wonderful melange of heat to the ancho chili flavor.


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